Google Keyboard is Now Called Gboard Adds New Features

New Google Keyboard - Google is finally releasing the keyboard for Android. A days ago, Google is rolling the classic keyboard for Android overboard and replacing it with Gboard.

It's not only rebranding, name change or something else. There's a new features as well. Gboard makes it easier search. GIFs, Emojis and more right from your keyboard.

For an Android users, there was no way to get the keyboard app with integrated Google search and a GIF button ( GIF sharing is only available in apps that have implemented image keyboard support ) built-in.

Google Keyboard For Android Now Called GBoard

There's also offers dedicated emoji button. If you don't like the updates, you can easily disable it via it's settings menu.

See the new GBoard features through this video :

Gboard supports multiple languages, and word suggestions are much improved because of this for multi-lingual users.

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