How to Disable Fast Charging in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Turn Off Fast Charging Samsung Phone - When it comes to Android power management, fast charging technology is must-have feature. The Galaxy S6 / S6 edge, S7 and S7 Edge device has a built-in fast charging feature. However, perhaps you want to disable the fast charging feature in Samsung Galaxy, so here we are to guide you.

Fast charging uses battery charging technology that charges the battery faster by increasing the charging power. The device supports Samsung’s Adaptive fast charging feature and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

There are various reasons to disable fast-charging such as it can make your Samsung Galaxy heating up abnormally during the charging meaning it's harmful for your device as well as your life.

Disable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Devices

You might ever heard about Samsung phone accident while charging. Moreover, many users have reported a whirr noise.

How to Turn Off Fast Charging in Samsung Galaxy

Then how do I enable / disable Fast Charging? Well, to turn off fast charging in Galaxy devices is pretty easy as follows :

Head to Settings application

Find Battery by scroll down a bit until you find the section

You will see Remaining battery power section with 2 options out there : Fast cable charging and Fast wireless charging as shown :

How to Turn Off Fast Charging S7

Now it's up to you. Which option you would like to disable.

Reboot your Samsung device to get optimal changes.

That's it!

These were all the steps you need to do in order to disabled Fast Charging on your Samsung S6/S6 Edge and S7/S7 Edge device. Share this post to your social media account to support us. Thanks for reading!
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