How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Slow Charging Issue and Other Power Problems

Samsung Galaxy Slow Charging Issue - One thing that makes the Samsung Galaxy with edge series is the curved screen design which gives it a bit more premium look. A lot of people out there who have been using this phone as a daily use are quite pleased with its performance. However the are various issues occur e.g slow charging and other power problem which we will share today!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Slow Charging

If your phone gets charging problems every time you plug the charger into the device but it either wont charge or it says its slow charging, needs over 4+ hours to finish and you have tried resetting it and tried letting the battery die on its own and then charge it to 100% but it doesn't fix the problem, then try this solution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Slow Charging Issue and Other Power Problems

Please ensure the phone's charging port is free of dirt and debris. Clean this port using a compressed air or you can blow using a straw.

Sometimes this issue is cause a defective charging cable. Try replacing the USB cable with new one, and please make sure it's an original Samsung's cable.

The issue can also comes when a glitch in device software. You can try with boot Samsung Galaxy into recovery mode then wiping cache partition and wipe the data / factory reset.

Note, you need to backup your phone data before perform factory reset the Samsung phone.

Samsung S6 Edge Gets Heat Up While Charging

If your Samsung Galaxy heating up abnormally during the charging then you can simply do the following :
  • Close any apps that consuming high amount of RAM
  • Disable the mobile data when you charge the phone
  • Disable the GPS and location service
  • Power off the phone then try changing

Galaxy S6 Edge Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too Cold Error

This problem is caused by the sensor detecting that the temperature is below 4 degrees Celsius. This could be a hardware issue possibly caused by any of the following :
  • Faulty sensor
  • Faulty battery
  • Water damaged internal circuit

How If All Else Fails?

Obviously, if all else fails, a full reset might be the only solution or may be your Android battery has been damage. We advise you to heck the phone to Samsung service center to fix the issue.

These were all the steps you need to do in order to solve the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge slow charging and other power related issue. If you have any other solution please tell us by drop a line of comment below. Thank you!
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