How To Fix Oculus App Overheating and Draining Samsung Galaxy Battery

Oculus app causing battery drain and overheating on some Samsung Galaxy phones - Has your battery suddenly started draining more quickly as a result of this Oculus update? Then you're in the right place!

For those who own a Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S7 / S7 Edge, you should uninstall the Oculus apps. Seriously, that Virtual Reality Apps can be draining the battery life, and possibly causing the device to overheat and affecting with the device performance.

In 29, September, Oculus updated its app. Sadly, the update lead the Samsung Galaxy handsets to burn through their batteries.

We have found the issue in Oculus forum, detailing his experience with the phone losing 1% battery every 30 seconds. Many users are reporting substantial battery drain after an update to the Oculus VR app.

The CPU in their phones is staying cranked up, preventing the phone from going to sleep and burns through the battery.

How to Fix Battery Drain After Oculus Update

Stop Oculus App Overheating Samsung Galaxy Phone

Apparently, the problem is with a new part of Oculus VR known as Oculus Rooms. The Oculus VR app is getting stuck in an installation loop where it continuously downloads and reinstalls this app.

On the Galaxy S7 Edge, an Oculus update pushed itself through when the app was opened, and seems to have solved the problem without uninstalling any apps, so try this first.

But the best advice currently is uninstall Oculus Home first, then Oculus Rooms and re-dock your phone. After that, it should download the latest working update.

However, some users are reporting this method is not working. The next our suggestion is uninstall all of the Oculus apps for the time being just to be sure.

Once Oculus fix the issue, you can then reinstall the apps without worrying the bad effect. Is this mean I can't use the handset for VR? Actually no! As alternative, you can read our post cardboard apps in Samsung Gear VR without root.

We strongly hope this solution can stop Oculus app overheating and draining Samsung Galaxy battery. Thanks for reading and visiting!
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