5 Best And Reliable Food Delivery Apps For Android Device

Free Food Delivery Apps - Android's food delivery application has been working in several major cities around the world to connecting their customers and restaurants through innovative networks and technologies from start-up and established companies.

There are plenty of reliable food ordering app to get a your favorite food quickly and delivered right to your door without leave home and your work table desk to get it.

So we have pooled all together list of most poplar food delivery apps for Android. All you need is install the apps below to your phone and order your food.

Best Food Delivery Service App

Best Food Delivery Service App For Android

The link to head the official apps page in Google Play Store are available at the end of every description. So you can install it easily! If you have problems about the Google Play, then try with how to fix unfortunately Google Play has stopped.

UberEATS: Faster Delivery

UberEATS Faster Delivery App For Android

UberEATS working with over a hundred restaurants in your city to put great local food all in one place. When you're ready to place your order, you will see a total that includes the food and delivery price.

Pay with your Uber account and watch your order come right to you through the app. Of course there's no need to tip.

UberEATS Supported Cities

  1. UberEATS is currently available in Amsterdam
  2. Atlanta
  3. Austin
  4. Baltimore
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Chicago
  7. Cincinnati
  8. Cleveland
  9. Columbus
  10. Dallas
  11. Denver
  12. Dubai
  13. Edmonton
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Houston
  16. Johannesburg
  17. Las Vegas
  18. London
  19. Los Angeles
  20. Miami
  21. Nashville
  22. New Haven
  23. New York
  24. Orange County
  25. Paris
  26. Philadelphia
  27. Phoenix
  28. San Diego
  29. San Francisco Bay Area
  30. Seattle
  31. Singapore
  32. Stamford
  33. Tampa
  34. Tokyo
  35. Washington
  36. D.C
  37. and multiple cities in Australia and Canada.

Install UberEATS: Faster Delivery

Food Delivery by DoorDash

DoorDash Food Delivery App For Android

From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, they've innovated a groundbreaking approach to delivery that factors in all the elements that come between you and your food. They're delivering on a promise to get every order through the chaos and straight to your door.

You can easily discover any foods like pizza, Chinese foods, burger, tacos and many others. The app is pretty clean, easy to operate even for beginner user.

DoorDash currently serving 24 markets including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and many many more.

Install Food Delivery by DoorDash

Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout

You just need to install the app to order food delivery from your favorite local restaurants in just a few taps. Currently, Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout supports for New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Seven reasons the Seamless app is the best way to get your favorite foods:
  • Seamless is the easiest way to order food from your favorite local restaurants. Calling, on the other hand, is the worst part of anyone's day.
  • Seamless is a completely free app and free service to use, plus there's no wondering if your order is correct, it's all right there for you!
  • They've got oodles of restaurants with menus that are always up to date for your ordering satisfaction. Plus, new ones are added daily!
  • Order sushi, pizza, thai or whatever you're into in a snap, tap, or a click. Its that simple!
  • In the unlikely event snafu happens, we've got a team of helpers ready to make it right. Call or email us on the 24/7, we'll be around.
  • You can pay with Android Pay, cash, credit card, or PayPal. Tell us once and we'll remember!
  • With our food tracker you can monitor the progress of your order and get a delivery time. We promise not to judge you for being a food stalker.

Install Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout

Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

East24 Food Delivery App For Android

Eat24 is a service which promises to help users find and order from local delivery restaurants with the most amount of ease and convenience possible.

Eat24 does have free mobile applications available for the iPhone, Android, Kindle, iPad. It is complete free to use their service and to download their mobile applications, however many restaurants do have a minimum order amount required for delivery orders, as well as delivery charges. These prices will vary depending on the restaurant.

Best of all, once your order's in, Yelp Eat24 handles every aspect of the delivery experience. No more screwed-up orders. No more wondering where the delivery driver is. Something not quite right? Hit up our 24/7 Live Support within the app and a real human being with make things right.

Install Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout

Grubhub Food Delivery App For Android

Grubhub is the last food-delivery app on our list. You can pick up the order yourself or have it delivered to your door. It works in over 1000 cities, with over 40,000 restaurants to order from nationwide.

All you have to do is enter your location, then the system will find the best restaurants near you and select what you would like to order.

To get best experience, you can also search by the rating, hours of operation and other variables to ensure that you get the best food available at any given time. What about the payment methods? You can pay for it using Android Pay, Credit Card, PayPal, or cash.

Install Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout

Foods Tips

One of the difficult live tasks to keep healthy is maintaining a good diet. There are so many fast and delicious food out there. But most of them is bad for your healthy. To handle this problem, you can simply use Android food tracker and calorie counter app to schedule your workout to eat and its nutritional values.

Which is your favorite Android delivery apps? If you have other similar apps, let us know by drop a line of comment below. Thanks for visiting us. Have a nice day!
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