Set Low Battery Notification With Custom Ringtones Without Root

Android low battery notification ringtones - The draining battery life is classical problems. Sometimes we miss out low battery alert and notification which is built-in on most of Android devices. Today, I'll show you the easiest way to set up ringtones when Android gets low battery.

Most Android phones have its battery notification tone, but it doesn't loud enough. For particular situations and reasons, turn off the device due the low battery is hurts the user e.g when you need your Android Phone urgently.

You may need something to ring the Android while your Android device running on low battery, so you can quickly charge the phone.

Customize Battery Level Indicator With Ringtones

Low Battery Notification With Custom Ringtones No Root

Of course, you will need the help from third-party apps to accomplish that. An free Android application we will use is Battery Notifier BT Free. This app is one of the lightest apps available with a battery level indicator in the status bar and puts the least possible strain on your battery with no root requires.

Battery Notifier Key Features

  • Arial font in official Android colors (optional black background)
  • Original green color option (transparent icon only)
  • Privacy concerns? Only three permissions and no ads!
  • Low and Full battery alarms with repeat intervals
  • Mute alerts (Postpone alarms)
  • Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard
  • All of the above and voltage in expanded notification area
  • Charging icons - Smiley or battery level
  • Full charge icons - Smiley with sunglasses or battery
  • Display colors you want at the levels you want

You can also make an app purchase to thanks the developers and get Battery Notifier Pro BT with more extra features as listed :
  • No ads
  • Largest variety of custom colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels
  • Roboto HD and bright ArialXL-b HD fonts with optional black background included
  • Battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps
  • 24 FREE HD add-on themes with many bright add-on numbers for dim status bars
  • Neon HD add-ons - All fuchsia, all purple, all yellow, all orange, all red from 100 to zero
  • Animated charging icons
  • Dancing android, beating heart, neon or yellow lightning flash, charging smiley
  • Charger connection and disconnection alerts
  • Wireless charger support (Android 4.2 and higher)
  • Notification Priority option (Android 4.1 and higher)

So here are the step by step to do :

First, install the Battery Notifier BT Free app from Google Play Store or other Android market apps

Once installed, now open the app

Tap the Settings button

Select the option of Low battery charge options menu

Next you can customize Set up the Low battery level, the repeat interval, vibration mode, sound mode, and notification ringtones ( Nexus ring-ring funny tones maybe ), with your needs

That's it! Now when your Android phone reach the battery level you have selected before, it will ring the phone! So you can charge it quickly to avoid damaging the battery.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think about customizing low battery notification with custom ringtones in Android device? Let us know by comment this post. Please share this post if this tutorial helpful. Thanks for visiting bartolab!

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