Make Android Phone Look Like Windows Phone 8 Style Easily

Windows Phone Theme For Android - One of the benefits about Android is that it lets you to thoroughly customize its appearance. Today we will show you how to make an Android device look and feel like popular Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.

With support for custom launchers and lock screens, Android is possible to change the user interface of any Android device without the need of rooting it.

As Android user, you may won't turn it out, but for other user maybe you're bored of the way their Android interface looks, love the way Windows phone UI but not enough to go and buy a handset based on it.

Windows Phone 8.1 Theme

Windows 8.1 Theme For Android Phone

You will need the help from third-party apps to accomplish that. There are a lot of launchers available to install from the Google Play Store and other Android market apps for free.

From the most popular Android launchers among them, we would recommend you to use Launcher 8 WP style. It's an excellent app for you to experience the Windows phone UI style on your Android devices. It will make your Android phone's home-screen looks like a Windows Phone.

This app is free to use, however you should buy to use extra features.

Launcher 8 WP style Features

Need information about its features? Please simply check them out from the list below :
  • Custom tile: Choose different sizes of tiles, modify colors and icons of the tiles;
  • Featured tile: You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact.
  • LockScreen: Add your thoughts to manage the LockScreen with style and password settings;
  • StatusBar: Manage your StatusBar with style, time display, and color settings;
  • DIY folder: Create new tabs for folder. Hide & lock folders with password;
  • Theme: Back up and restore theme. Themes can be uploaded and downloaded online ;
  • Wallpaper: Rich wallpaper resources for background, lockscreen available online, also support dynamic wallpaper;
  • Application notifications: DIY the display mode for your application’s message notifications alerts.
  • Super search: Bigger and quicker search ability for web and local information.

XinYi Dev Team behind this application has write up a reminder for you as listed below :
  1. The live contact needs to read the contact data (Avatar) access permission;
  2. Direct dial call shortcut need the CALL PHONE permission;
  3. Direct send text message shortcut need Send Message permission.
  4. Download the themes need access the network permission.
  5. The LED Light need access the Camera permission.

Windows Phone 8.1 Launcher Review and Demo

How to Install Windows 8 Launcher

Now we will show you the main guide. If you want to install from the apk, all you need is enabling the Unknown Source from Settings menu > Security > then turn it on.

First, get download Windows 8 Launcher app for Android phone that provides below this post

Once saved to your phone, simply open and tap Install button

You will see One option when you have pressed the home button. Now, set WP Launcher as default launcher.

This will probably ask you if you want to use it "Always", or "Just once".

If you select the second option, you will only see the new launcher once. Next time if you hit the home button, your old Android home screen will reappear.

If you wan't, you can change it at any time. Head to Settings > Home then just choose which of the installed launchers you want to use.

Next, you must enable the notification because the notification feature requires manual activation. To activate this service : Settings > General > Notification settings > On (under Push).

To activate the notification of a chosen app, you can follow this steps :
  • After turning on Notifications, tab "Manage Notifications".
  • Choose the app you want to display the notification.
  • Set free here in the app settings.

You're done! Enjoy the Windows Phone 8 style in your Android device.

Do you Like Windows Phone 8 Style?

So these all you need to make over your Android look like Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Share with your friend by sharing this post to your social networking account to support us. Have a nice day!

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