Google Chrome Android Tips And Tricks To Get Best Experience

Google Chrome Android Tips - Google Chrome is pre-installed app in most Android devices. It's simple, easy and one of the fastest browser for Android to collecting information you need from the Internet.

Unlike for the desktop version, Chrome for mobile doesn't have an extension features. However you can follow this Android tips and tricks to make it better and increase your browsing experience.

Google Chrome Tips You Should Know

How to Browse Faster Using Google Chrome on Android

Therefore, we have compiled together several Google Chrome tips and features you should know for you to get best experience and improve the performance. Here we go!

1. Force Enable Zoom

Many responsive websites out there disable the zoom in. It can be a bit annoying things at times. But with this tips, you can zoom in whatever web page you are viewing.

To turn on this feature, head to Chrome Menu > Settings > Accessibility then give a check the box next to Force Enable Zoom.

How to Enable Force Zoom on Google Chrome Android

Now you can magnify and use the simple pinching gesture with two fingers to zoom in and zoom out easily.

2. Change Preferred Font Size

If the default font size is painful for your eyes, then this is good way to start. Chrome for Android allows you set how big the font on any web page will look.

Very similar we mentioned in earlier point, to change the Chrome font size, open the Menu > Settings > Accessibility then scroll the Text scaling slider around.

Changing Font Scaling on Chrome Android

Google Chrome will now apply this setting across all sites and making the text bigger which is right for your eyes.

3. Enable Data Saver

By the default, Google Chrome mobile has a built-in Data Saver feature. This ability lets you to speed up Chrome and reduce data usage. So this feature also makes the Internet browsing faster.

Go to Menu > Settings > Data Saver and toggle the switch on to enable this feature.

Reduce Mobile Data On Chrome Android Device

Basically, this technology puts a Google server between the site you're visiting and your Android phone. The site sends its data to the Google server where Google crumb it down and then sends it to your device.

It also minimizes web page's resources needs e.g Javascript, CSS, and eliminates bad code to make the load page more efficient.

4. Touch To Search

The Internet is largely about reading information which is in text. What do you do when you're reading on the web page then come across a word or phrase you don’t know?

Long press the text, copy, and search. And you know? Google tries to make this process shorter for you with useful feature called Touch to search. To enable Touch to Search in Chrome mobile, simply open Menu > Settings > Privacy >Touch to Search and turn it on.

Turn on Touch To Search Feature To Quick Search

We can now tap any word and Google will instantly search for it. It will popup a bar at the bottom of the page shows the term's definition as shown :

Google Chrome Android Quick Search Feature

Please note, this won't work when you're in incognito mode. So you must in normal mode to use this feature.

5. Swipe to Switch

This is a pretty simple tricks you must use to browse Internet faster in Google Chrome and save your time. The browser has built-in gesture to flick through tabs directly.

Example, if you have several open tabs and you want to go to the previous one, just swipe right on the address bar, or swipe left on the address bar to go to the next tab. Very simple right? But trust me, it makes great impact to increase the daily browsing.

6. Swipe Down and Reduce Tap

Just like the previous trick, this is another simple Google Chrome for mobile tips. Most people out there normally press the Menu bar before tap the options. But you can save the time with this tips. Here's you should do,

Gesture Feature on Google Chrome Android

Don't lift your finger when tapping the Menu. Just keeping it pressed, and drag it down to the option you want ( e.g New tab, New incognito tab, Bookmarks etc ), then release it on that option to perform the intended task.

What Do You Think?

Are we missing something? Tell us if you have other Google Chrome Android tips and tricks, and we will add your suggestion to the list. We highly hope this tips help you to browse faster and improve your browsing experience. Happy browsing!

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