2 Ways to Boot Moto Z Into Bootloader, Fastboot and Recovery Mode

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Moto Z - Motorola has launched the third Moto Z smartphone which feature a modular design. The Moto Z is crazy thin modular smartphone. Today, we will show you a step by step tutorial to boot the Moto Z and Moto Z Force edition to recovery mode in a minutes.

Android Recovery Mode can be different for the various OEMs. This device also has its own Motorola recovery mode.

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The Recovery Mode lets you to performing factory reset / wipe cache, wipe data from both internal or external storage, apply any updates from adb or SD card, mounting file systems, and many other things.

Enter Moto Z Recovery Mode

Enter Bootloader, Fastboot and Recovery Mode on Moto Z

So we have 2 ways to boot your Motorola phone into recovery mode. Do not be worry, we will try our best to show you the details of both of methods. Let's begin!

1. Buttons Combination

We can use a physical buttons combination to enter Moto Z recovery mode without PC or notebook. Okay, simply follow this guide :

First, power off the device completely.

Once the phone is off, press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time.

That's it! The recovery menu should now appear on your device's screen. You can now flashing Moto Z / Moto Z Force.

2. Adb (Android Device Bridge)

The simplest way to boot any Android phone into recovery mode is using Adb from your computer. So please make sure you have installed Android tools : Adb, Fastboot, and Motorola drivers.

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Connect the Moto Z using the USB cable

Open Windows command prompt, type and run the following :

adb devices

If you see a line of serial number then continue to the next step

Next, run this command

adb reboot recovery

The Moto Z will automatically reboot and boot into recovery mode. There will be an option "Restart into Fastboot mode" to head the Fastboot mode on Moto Z.

These were all the steps you need to do in order to boot Motorola phone, Moto Z into bootloader, fastboot, and recovery mode. Dhare this post to your social media account to support us. Thanks for reading!
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