Finally Xiaomi Released Mi VR Play Stylish Headset

Mi VR, Xiaomi's Virtual Reality - Xiaomi has been officially launched first virtual reality (VR) platform on August 4. It's similar to Google Cardboard and unlike Gear VR headset device such as HTC Vive Powered With 6 Cameras and Depth Sensor.

Because not everyone has thousands of dollars needed to set up an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive right?. You can use your iPhone or Android phone in your pocket. Is your phone virtual reality compatible? We have discussed 330+ Smartphone With Gyroscope Sensor For VR Headset.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play Design and Features

Xiaomi Mi VR Clear Photo

Xiaomi VR is lightweight (only 208.7 grams) and ultra-comfortable Lycra with secure two-way zip design to keep the phone save when it is inserted into the headset.

The material is smooth and suitable for most of the people It's textured with metal button to lets you control your phone easily. What about the phone size? Mi VR Play can fit any device with a display size ranging between 4.7 and 5.7.

See the list above for more details about the features :
  • Anti-reflective, optical-grade aspheric lens provides maximum clarity
  • Anti-slip strips keep your smartphone secure and aligned with the lenses, no need to keep fiddling for the best possible view
  • Mi VR apps, an open VR platform for more content in China
  • Panoramic 2D and 3D Chinese content library
  • Personalize and play. Mi VR Play comes with stylish suits that let you show off your personality

Mi VR Play app provides wide variety of video resources and contents. Latest film and videos could be found there. However we recommend you to try 23 Best VR Apps and Games for Android Phone 2016.

There's something unique with the design.

Mi VR DIY Design

As shown above, it's available in a variety of motifs. You can choose your favorite or even a customized DIY design.

Official Mi VR YouTube Video

Mi VR Unboxing And Clear Photos

How it's look like? If you're curious how the Mi VR look like in clear picture, you can see on the following photos. Credits : vincent_khoo, miu.

Xiaomi Mi VR Clear Photos

Xiaomi Mi VR First Look

Xiaomi Mi VR Front Body Design Photo

Mi VR Clear Photo Lens System

Mi VR Xiaomi Review

Xiaomi Mi VR Review

Xiaomi Mi VR Hands-On

Xiaomi Mi VR Hands-On

For an additional information for you, they not only releasing this VR, Xiaomi also recently released it's first Mi Notebook Air.

What do you thing about Xiaomi Mi VR? Please give and write your opinion by the comments. Hope this post help for who looking to buy VR headset. Thank you for reading and visiting bartolab!
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