LG G4 Stock Wallpapers Full HD In One Pack Zip

LG G4 Default Wallpapers Android Free Download - If you love to customizing your Android phone with stunning wallpapers, then these complete set of LG G4 original wallpapers is for you!

The LG G4 comes in big 5,5-inch IPS Quantum and bright display screen with curve makes the phone so slightly. LG claims a 50% improvement, making dark scenes in films look deep, helped a bit by that tiny curve.

What about the LG G4 hardware? This device is equipped with Qualcomm 64-bit, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, which has a clock speed of 1.8GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 3000mAh removable battery, Compass and NFC.

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It's powered by 16 MP rear camera that can shoot the spot with JPEG and raw file formats like a pro. It's the world's first smartphone to have a colour spectrum sensor on the back. It can also record up to 4K video.

LG G4 Default Wallpapers

Official LG G4 Original Wallpapers

This phone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and packed in LG's new UX 4.0 interface. The UI keeping Google Material Design, but it's much flatter and cleaner than his brother LG G3 interface.

There are 10 high quality beautiful Android wallpapers. Of course all of the images in Full HD resolution 2880 x 2560 pixel resolution. Check this out to know how it's looks like!

LG G4 original wallpapers

LG G4 default wallpapers

LG G4 stock wallpapers

Low Poly Background For Android

LG G4 stock wallpapers full HD

Gradient Mesh Background

Beautiful Android Wallpapers

G4 Stock Wallpapers FHD

Sky Wallpapers For Android

Gorgeous Wallpapers For Android

Please note, the images has compressed to keep fast the loading page. We have made all wallpapers on single pack .zip. So you just need to click the links and you'll get all set of background.

If you looking for somethings to increase your Android smartphone's design, look, and feel, hope the two links below can help you :

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