Intel Create Depth Sensor For HTC Vive For Developer Conference

New HTC Vive will powered by 6 cameras - Watch 3D movies without going to the cinema became real with VR devices e.g HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or your Android and iPhone in your pocket.

We can easily watching 3D Movies, 360 videos or photos, and browse over the internet with the different viewpoints / new angle like never before. Yes, that's Virtual Reality power. Seems virtual reality will be the center stage at the Intel Developer Conference (IDF) 2016 which will be held in a couple weeks.

HTC Vive Depth Sensor For IDF 2016

New HTC Vive With Depth Sensor and 6 Cameras Photo

This is evident from a Dimitri Diakopoulos's chirp in Twitter. He is an Intel VR engineer. He tweeted out an image of a modified HTC Vive. The modifications (HTC Vive) featured with 6 camera holes. Perhaps, it could be used for a hand-tracking system of something similiar.

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The VR prototype was modified in order to to sense the depth of surrounding objects. He also mentions that modifications could be used to identify or indoor environment around users.

The sensor teased by Intel looks both robust and different from anything we’ve seen previously from Intel’s RealSense depth-sensing technology. The system could also scan the environment in real-time. This opens up the potential to detect obstacles automatically.

Theoretically, this cameras could also be used as improved version of the front-facing camera currently on the HTC Vive ( it might comes with higher specs ).

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We know, the HTC Vive includes an outward-facing camera, but it can’t yet warn you of potential collisions outside of the Holodeck-like bounds of the room that are shown if you get too close. With this depth sensor, if you got too close to your couch you would actually see it in front of you.

Let's wait to find out more about Intel's plan for the HTC Vive, and VR in general on August 16th when the Intel Developer Conference kicks off. Via The Verge and Upload VR.
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