How to Make Spotify UI Look Like Rdio on Mac

Mac Tips, Rdio Skin for Spotify - Did you miss Rdio as your music service of preference? Today we will telling you an easy Mac Tips to make your Spotify app on your Mac look like Rdio to brings back everything you loved about Rdio.

Rdio is perfect music streaming service including good quality streaming, perfect UX, and has a beautiful UI. But when it was bought by Pandora, many of users were left out and choose other services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

Devin Halladay is behind this project. He discovered that you can skin the Spotify app with CSS. And you know? It really does look quite good.

Make Spotify Look Like Spotify on Mac  

How to Make Spotify Look Like Rdio on Mac

Spotify Themes, Rdio Skin for Apple Mac

First of all, you will need to set your Mac. Please make sure you've allowed opening applications from unidentified developers in your system security settings (otherwise this won't work) :
  • Head to System Preferences…
  • Security & Privacy
  • General tab
  • Then set Allow applications downloaded from: to Anywhere.

Changing Spotify Theme

Once you have done with the security preferences, now follow the step-by-step installation :
  1. Close the Spotify app
  2. Go to Spotio's website
  3. Hit the Download button to get the .zip
  4. Once downloaded, then unzip the package
  5. Now launch the app
  6. Enjoy!

If you like the way it looks, you can replace your local with the Spotio version.

What do you thing about this Rdio skin for Spotify? Do you like the new UI? Share this post with your friends in social networking site and let us know in the comments!
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