How to Watch YouTube Videos Floating in Small Window on Android

How to watch a YouTube video that always stays on top - YouTube is the largest online streaming service with around 4 billion+ views per day, and more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

YouTube is great way to watching and streaming the hottest music, popular videos, news, review, entertainment, and more. But there's annoying thing when we use the official app.

The official YouTube app doesn't allow you to continue and keep playing video when you minimize the app. Yes, you can't perform multitask watching or listening the video while texting a message, making a notes, or doing something else in another app.

Play YouTube Videos In Floating Popup

Playing YouTube Videos in Floating New Window on Android

Here's where we will show you an Android tips to watch YouTube videos in in a floating popup on your Android or Tablet in order to keep play the video without stopping playback :

First, open the Google Play Store.

Search "FlyTube" (without quotes) and install it to your device. If needed, you can get the installer apk file below this post.

Once the app has been installed, set Flytube as your default YouTube player by following the instructions in the intro screen.

Afterwards, all YouTube links will be opened with Flytube, meaning the video will open in a small window and always stay in front. Of course the floating popup can be resized and dragged around the your device screen easily. Now the problem is solved!

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What do you thing about this tutorial, multi tasking watching YouTube videos floating on Android phone? Did you have another app that does this but better? Let us know by your comment below!

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