Fix Unfortunately Clock Has Stopped on Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to solve Unfortunately Clock Has Stopped Message - This error message keeps popping up at least every minutes which is very inconvenient. Especially when you are texting or doing anything on your phone for that matter.

You can't access the clock settings at all now which means you can't set my alarm or use the stopwatch etc. But please do not worry, we will tell you step by step tutorial to get ride from unfortunately clock has stopped on your Samsung phone.

Unfortunately Clock Has Stopped on Samsung Galaxy

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Unfortunately Clock Has Stopped

If clearing the clock cache or data, turned phone off and back on many times doesn't help you, here's the solution you should try to solve the issue!

First of all, backup your device to prevent loss your data. You can do all the work by using Samsung Smart Switch or similar app to keep save your apps, calendar, contacts, messages, music, photos, video and more.

Power off your phone, then boot into recovery mode. Follow the guide here 2 Ways To Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Into Recovery Mode.

The next step you need to do is use vol + and vol- to move up and move down, and the power button to select / run the option. Move to "wipe data / factory reset" then hit power button.

Do the same in earlier step then "wipe cache partition" and wait a minutes.

Once finished, now "reboot system now" for normal boot.

Now check your Samsung phone. It should the issue is solved and no pop ups on the screen anymore. What's next? You can now restore all of your data.

These were all the steps you need to do in order to fix unfortunately clock has stopped error message in your Samsung Galaxy devices. Share this post to your social media account to support us. Thanks for reading!
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