Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go

How to solve GPS Signal Problem Pokemon Go on Android - Everywhere! Right, The Pokemon Go is shake the gamers around the world. But, if you're facing an error "GPS Signal not found" when you launch the game, hope this post help you to fix the issue.

This happens in many mobile phones, including those of you who play Pokemon Go on Intel Based Android Devices.

Ensure The GPS Is Enabled

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go is a GPS-based game. These components will follow wherever the gamer moves. And. So please ensure your GPS is enabled. Because, most Android phone comes with the GPS turned off by the default to save battery life.

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How to enable GPS on Android? See the following steps to turn it on :

Open Settings menu on your phone

Scroll down, then find Location

Make sure Location toogle is in the on position

Tap on Mode, Location method or its kind. See the screenshot :

Fix GPS Signal Not Found Android Pokemon Go

Choose High accuracy. This may also be called GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks

And the last please ensure you have the active internet connection

GPS satellites are finicky things. Although, your Android phone have improved significantly, they are still not perfect. Especially when you're indoors, and bad weather can affect this.

Try to take a step outside and hold your phone to get the GPS satellites lock the location, or try to update the Pokemon Go to latest version.

It would be better if the GPS embedded in the phone supports Glonass. This support enables GPS lock faster and more accurate. Mostly, the Glonas can only be found in a sort of high-end phones. Read 47 List Of Android Phone Glonass Supported.

We hope this post solve GPS Signal Not Found Error when play the Pokemon Go. Share with us if you have other methods by the comment. Thanks for visiting!
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