Cardboard Apps On Samsung Gear VR Without Root

Use Cardboard Apps and Games in Gear VR - You may know the AZ Screen Recorder, Acapella Maker - Video Collage, EZ Package Disabler, they are Android apps developed by Hecorat.

One of the problems with the Gear VR is an oculus app launches automatically and bring you into the Oculus world when you plug the Samsung Galaxy phone ( S6 / S7 / Edge / Note 5 / Note 7 ) into the headset. Until you unplug it, you can't use Cardboard including Cardboard compatible apps and games.

The good news, they have released a new app on Google Play Store and solves the problem for Samsung Gear VR that needs to try Cardboard apps and games.

How To Use Cardboard On Samsung Gear VR

Cardboard Apps On Samsung Gear VR Without Root

As we mentioned earlier, the new app by Hecorat named Use Cardboard Apps for Gear VR can solve this problem. It's the easiest way to use any cardboard apps such as Youtube or other apps/games that are exclusive to the Play Store on your Gear VR headset, no root required.

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How does it work? Basically, the app will disable the "Gear VR service" package on your phone, so it cannot start the Oculus app automatically. When you switch back to the default Gear VR mode, this package is enabled again.

It's very simple to use as shown :

First of all, install Use Cardboard Apps for Gear VR from Google Play Store.

Once installed, now you can open the app.

Tap which you want to enable or disable to switching between Gear VR mode and Cardboard Mode. See the screenshots for more details :

Use Google Cardboard on Gear VR

Now you can plug the phone into Samsung Gear VR headset.

Next steps? Enjoy the Cardboard compatible app and games on your Gear VR!

Please note, Use Cardboard Apps for Gear VR is paid apps. Don't worry, it's cheap, only $1 with 7 days refund Guaranteed 100% Money back.

We hope the quick tips to use cardboard apps and games on Samsung Gear VR with no root required can help you. Thanks for reading and visiting!

Download and Install From Play Store
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