7 Best Open Source Note Taking Apps For Android Phone and Tablet

Open Source note taking apps for Android - It's pretty easy to taking a notes on your phones or tablets in this technological era. There are plenty great notes app for android out there. Most of them are proprietary and close-source.

If you concern about your privacy data, here are few best open source note taking apps you can install to your smartphone or tablet today! The direct link to Google Play Store is available in every end of apps description.

So it will be easy for you to install the listed apps. If you have problems about your Play Store, you can read our post 8 Ways to Fix Unfortunately Google Play Has Stopped.

Omni Notes

Open Source Note Taking Apps For Android

Omni Notes is note taking open-source application aimed to have both a simple interface but keeping smart behavior for Android phone. This app offers beautiful Material Design UI. You can take text notes, audio notes, sketch notes, video notes and even speech-to-text notes using Google Now.

Omni Notes Features

The following list is current Omni Notes features :
  • Material Design interface *Basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions
  • Share, merge and search notes
  • Image, audio and generic file attachments
  • Manage your notes using tags and categories
  • To-do list
  • Sketch-note mode
  • Notes shortcut on home screen
  • Export/import notes to backup
  • Google Now integration: just tell "write a note" followed by the content
  • Multiple widgets, DashClock extension, Android 4.2 lockscreen compatibility
  • Multi language: 30 languages supported

The further developments will include notes sychronization and web interface to manage notes.

Download Omni Notes Play Store


Note Taking Open Source Application

Simplenote is light, clean, and free notes app currently available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web. Your lists, ideas, or agendas stay in sync with all of your devices for free.

Simplenote Features

  • Use it everywhere
  • Instantly search
  • Share a list, post some instructions, or publish your thoughts
  • Backups, syncing, sharing
  • Go back in time

As we mentioned, Simple note offers for web app features. Just simply click this link and enjoy!.

Download Simplenote Play Store


Open Source Android Note Taking Application

If you're looking for a note taking app that takes simplicity and speed to a whole new level, then Swiftnotes is waiting you. It offers you a quick and easy way to stay organised, capture your thoughts, reminders or anything that's on your mind, any time, anywhere.

You can backup all your notes and restore them later when needed. The cloud backup and restore coming soon!

Swiftnotes Features

  • Easily create new notes or edit existing ones
  • Colour-code your notes to stay organised
  • Find any note lightning-fast by searching for a keyword
  • Favoured notes always stay on top for quick access
  • Change the font size of individual notes
  • Hide the body of any sensitive note so it stays safe from prying eyes
  • Backup your notes to external storage (Account-less cloud backup/restore coming soon!)
  • Restore your notes

Download Swiftnotes Play Store

Drawable Notepad

Notepad App For Android

Drawable Notepad is FREE lightweight aplication that allows user to write some notes and draw on them. You can use, study share and improve it at your will.

Specifically you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Drawable Notepad Features

  • Text format panel
  • Drawing panel
  • Search notes
  • Speech to text function
  • Saving notes in SQLite database

Upcoming features

  • Note titles
  • Filter notes by hashtag
  • French, German, Spanish translations
  • Photo notes

Download Drawable Notepad Play Store

Floating Stickies

Floating Stickies For Android Phone and Tablet

Would you ever consider placing a sticky note on your phone or tablet? Floating Sticky notes that stay on top of all other apps to help you remember. Floating Stickies is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Since update to v27, the app removed start on boot, removed back button closing stickies, added transparency when not focused and low priority notification.

Floating Stickies Features

  • On top of all other apps (access from anywhere)
  • Dock to the side & resize
  • Copy/Paste/Share
  • Smooth fun animations & colors
  • Save the state of the stickies
  • Simple & Clean look

Download Floating  Stickies Play Store

Writeily Pro

Open Source Android Application

Writeily Pro lets you write in plain text and elegantly compose notes in markdown. Organize by folders, save and access files from external storage, and restrict access with a PIN lock to keep the secure and private.

A markdown is a good way to write for the web. When you're done with a note, you can export to plain text, HTML, or an image.


Note Taking Apps For Android Open Source

uNote is an android application, it's a lightweight and minimalist notepad. It focus on simplicity and gives only basic features :
  • Add and delete note,
  • Secure a note with password
  • Sort notes by create date, modification date or title
  • Search notes (only title or also in content except the ones password protected)
  • Export and Import database to sdcard

If you want an extra protection, you may need the app lock. Read Keep Your Personal Information Secure With Super AppLock.

Download uNote Apk F-Droid

Which note taking open-source app do you like from the list above? Let us now by drop a line of comment. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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