Official Asus Zenfone 3 Stock Wallpapers Revealed

Zenfone 3 Default Wallpapers - A lot of things has changed in the last two years. Asus has been hard at work, and thankfully the next generation of Zenfone now comes to the smartphone world. The Zenfone 3 original wallpapers is ready to download and painting your home screen.

In the pas we have discussed some Asus smartphone stock wallpapers :

Zenfone 3 equipped with 4G LTE, Bluetooth  4.2, super 16 megapixel main camera, laser for autofocus, finger print reader, and USB Type C.

Asus offers useful ZenUI shortcuts features such as double tap to enter one-hand mode, long press app switch to take a screenshot, double tap the fingerprint sensor to open the camera. 

Of course the ZenMotion double tap the home screen to sleep or wake up the phone and touch gestures for quick launch apps still there.

Zenfone 3 Default Wallpapers

Zenfone 3 Stock Wallpapers

So we have 8 high quality portrait wallpapers of the this new Asus phone. They all are in Full HD resolution 1264 x 2247 pixel resolution.

If you love to customizing your Android smartphone with stunning wallpapers, then teh Zenfone 3 wallpapers is ready for you!

Scroll a bit to see how it looks like!

Blue Zenfone 3 Wallpapers

Gold Zenfone 3 Wallpapers

Blue Light Zenfone 3 Wallpapers

Zenfone 3 Stock Wallpapers

Zenfone 3 Original Wallpapers

Zenfone 3 Default Wallpapers

Official Zenfone 3 Artwork

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