Sony Xperia F8331 New Design Leaks in Clear Pictures

Sony's Next Phone With a New Design - After taking its sweet, finally Sony's Next Flagship, the latest X recently available in US. GSMArena has obtained some exclusive photos of new Sony's upcoming flagship phone and rumored to be Sony’s next flagship this year.

The design is a much bigger change. Packed with glass, makes the front of the device is so slightly curves the side. Furthermore speakers and the NFC technology placed in the top front near the earpiece.

Sony Xperia F8331 With New Design Photos

New Sony Xperia Flagship Photographed

New Sony Xperia F8331 Front Screen Design

New Sony Xperia F8331 Back Body Design

New Sony Xperia F8331 USB Type-C Port

Sony Xperia F8331 Earphone Jack

The back of the devices looks like brushed metal with a plastic panel on the bottom for the antenna. It gets new layout for the dual LED flash, as well as what looks like a separate panel at the bottom. There's a speculation that the Sony Xperia F8331 features a metal back and the bottom panel.

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The 3.5mm headphone jack still on the top, and there's USB Type-C port at the bottom which will be a first for Sony. The camera layout also has received a refresh.

When Sony will announce the Sony Xperia F8331? The most logical choice is this September in IFA 2016 could be a corner and forum at which the device will be unveiled.
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