Pokemon Go APK for Intel Based Android Devices

Download Pokemon Go for Asus Zenfone - Most people have at least heard of Pokemon. Nintendo and Niantic asks players to travel a fictional world in order to collect every creature out there. Pokemon GO opens a universe of Pokemon to find, catch, trade, and battle on your iPhone or Android device.

And Pokemon Go for Android has just received an update to version 0.29.2. The most notable new feature is support for devices running.

The major change seems to be support for early builds of Intel x86 Android based after a days ago it isn't supported. Of course this is the good news for the ASUS Zenfone Series users.

A protests about the absence Pokemon Go on the Intel x86 architecture first arose in Italy. A user Zenfone there sparked a petition that signed by over 40,000 people for Niantic and Nintendo to release Pokemon Go update that supports Intel smartphones.

Watch Pokemon Go Trailer

It also allows players to download mobile games in Germany are legally. Pokemon Go was launched officially at a fraction in the country last week including Australia, New Zealand and United states. Read Updated, Pokemon Go Now Available in 26 New Countries in Europe.

How to Play Pokemon Go

How to install Pokemon Go in Zenfone

To catch wild Pokemon, you should get up, get out and explore the real place, cities, and towns where you live-and even around the globe-to capture as many Pokemon as you can. As you walk through the real world, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know you're near a Pokemon.

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The game use real location information to allow players to experience catching, trading, and battling Pokemon.

1. Use The Map

The map is your main view while playing Pokemon GO, and it is based on the actual real-world map of the streets and pathways where you're standing. The map contains lots of information that's useful when you're exploring. You'll always be in the center of the map. Use it to find PokeStops, Gyms, the location of nearby Pokemon, and more!

2. Favored Habitats

It’s most effective to look for Pokemon at habitats that match where they're most likely to live. For example, if you’re on the beach or at a pier, you’re more likely to find Water-type Pokemon. However, if you’re in a desert climate, you would be much less likely to find Water-type Pokemon.

You can see the kinds of Pokemon that might be found near your current location by using the Nearby feature. Note that Pokemon already in your Pokedex will appear in color, while those not in your Pokedex will appear as dark silhouettes.

3. Level Up Your Trainer

Catch as many Pokemon as you can to earn Experience Points (XP) and increase your Trainer level! Each capture awards XP based on the kind of Pokemon you've caught, whether you've caught the Pokemon before, and the accuracy of your throw.

At higher levels, you'll have access to stronger items, such as Great Balls, to give you a better shot at catching Pokemon.

Just Remind

  1. Do not play Pokemon Go when you're on your bike, driving, riding, or anything else where you should you play attention.
  2. For kids, never wander away from your parents or your group to catch a Pokemon.
  3. And for parents, to get stay in control what and how your child use the device you can install Parental Control Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet.

How to Install Pokemon Go on Intel Based Android

As we mentioned earlier, the Pokemon Go has released in some countries. And the main problem is when your country not listed there, right? So we provides the APK file of Pokemon Go that supports Intel Android based phone such as ASUS Zenfone series.

You just need to download the file, install it to your phone, and enjoy the pokemon go in Zenfone.

Tested and worked on ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE5500ML, Zenfone 2 ZE550ML, Zenfone 4, and Zenfone 5

Update: Pokemon Go v0.33

Today, there's a new version rolling out with a number of tweaks and fixes. See the new feature, change-log or grab the apk from Pokemon Go Updated To v0.33 With Poke Ball XP Fix

What do you think about Pokemon Go for Intel Android phone? Is it work on your devices? Let me know with your comments. Thanks for visiting bartolab.com!

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