9 Important Things Need to Do Before Selling Your Android Phone

Important Things You Need to Do Before Selling Android Device - Thing to do Are you looking to sell your cell phone so you can buy a new one? Is it finally time to upgrade to that new smartphone you’ve had your eye on for months? Do you want to make some quick money getting rid of all those old phones cluttering up your home?

You will want to make sure you have a copy of all of your personal data and that you’re not leaving any of your personal data behind for the new owner.

Things You Have To Do Before Selling Android Gadget

Things Need to Do Before Selling Your Android Phone

We recommends these 9 steps, which are applicable for all makes and models, to help you get the maximum value for your phone and protect your personal data and privacy :

1. Backup Data and Personal Information

First of all and most important thing to do is make a backups of your data and personal information such as contacts, messages, calendar entries, app data, documents, photos and more.

You can use your computer to save the backup or upload it to Cloud storage service if you need online based approach. You can use a number of cloud storage options, including Dropbox, Flickr, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, and many more.

And if you’re an AT&T or Verizon customer, you can back up your call logs and texts with the AT&T Messages app and Verizon Cloud.

2. Delete Traces Personal Data

Once you have backup your data, now delete all traces of your personal information, remove your list of contacts, photo albums and all apps, videos, music you may have downloaded over time and factory reset the phone.

3. Encrypt Your Phone

To ensure all of your data is gone, you will need to do more than perform a factory reset. Encrypting the phone will ensure the data will not be able to be recovered by anyone.
  • Open Settings
  • Choose Security
  • Then Encrypt phone

After the devices encrypted, now you can then perform a factory data reset.

4. Completely Erasing Your Data

Performing a factory data reset will erases everything on the device. In a nutshell, once you perform it,  the phone will be back to factory settings and all of your information will be removed. So we placed backup your data and personal information in first you should to do.

How to wipe android phone before selling? To perform factory reset Android phone, you can easily :
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Backup & reset
  • Choose Factory data reset

5. Remove SIM and microSD cards

It’s really important that you remove these before selling, because contacts and call logs can be stored on your SIM or microSD cards. If you do plan to give away the microSD card, plase ensure you make a back up the contents and thoroughly wipe the card.

6. Cleaning The Phone

Thoroughly clean the phone and spend a few minutes making it look as new as possible. Remove the protective screen and casing, ensuring you get the dirt out from underneath. If you have a case in good condition, why not give it a quick scrub and include it in the sale.

7. Mobile Phone Accessories

When selling your phone, you can include the stock accessories and extras that originally. Please make sure to take out any aftermarket batteries you’re currently using. If it’s the only working battery you have for the device, make sure the buyer knows prior to the sale.

8. Provide Added Value

Would you like to provide added value? As you are no doubt aware, there are a lot of suspect phones on the second-hand market.

If you really want your phone to stand out, we suggest including an IMEI Check report as proof to interested buyers that your phone hasn’t been blacklisted by the GSMA.

9. Who To Sell The Phone To

The easiest option would be to find someone within your circle of friends or a family member, however if that’s not possible there are thousands of Consumer to Consumer (C2C) websites.

If you follow our tips, your data will be safe. Feel free to tell us if you have any additional or maybe suggestions you would like to share things to do before selling your android phone. Thanks for visiting bartolab.com!
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