Healthy Diet to Lose Weight Android Apps You Should Try

Healthy Diet to Lose Weight Android Apps - MevoLife is a free to download health, weight loss, & fitness app which helps you lose weight by tracking your runs, fitness, calories, diet while connecting you socially with like-minded individuals.

Most of busy life lets you to forget about on your health, that's the fact. If you need to have more time to schedule your workout or don't know what to eat and its nutritional values, you are in the right track!

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We will show you the much awaited one stop Health and Fitness App for all your fitness needs. As we mentioned earlier, it's Mevolife!. This app even keeps a track on the calories you burn, footsteps you keep and even glasses of water you drink.

MevoLife seamlessly syncs data with Google Fit, & Fitbit to help you monitor your fat loss progress. MevoLife is a perfect example of free flow of fitness. It makes losing weight, being fit, & living healthy much more manageable.

Mevo Weight Loss & Fitness Main Features

Best Health Android Apps For Healthy Diet

1. Food and Nutrition

  • Weight Loss, healthy diet, & Calorie counter which tabulates carbs & has its own protein calculator
  • Nutrition facts, planning like nutritionist & a nutrition calculator
  • Healthy recipes for a healthy diet
  • Low carb diet/ high protein diet recommendations while eating out
  • Lose weight fast with health articles, personalized health coach, calorie tracker, & complete fitness plan exclusively on this health & fitness app
  • Meal plans & diet tips

2. Exercise

  • Updated daily exercises to lose weight & workout plans on your personalized exercise coach
  • Pedometer - step/run tracker
  • Personalized yoga instructor
  • Quick Workouts - 2 min workouts, 3 min workouts, 7 minute workout goals & many more types of workout plans

3. Fitness Tracker

  • Weight tracker - to help you manage & lose weight quickly.
  • Set daily progress levels involving your level of physical activity
  • Provides personalized feedback based on your weight loss goals

4. Social Health Community

  • Access to health-oriented communities
  • Makes you accountable for your progress, & motivates you to hit your weight loss & fitness goals
  • A reliable social support for any & all weight loss goals

5. Fun and Easy to Use

  • Inspires you with quizzes, natural weight loss & fitness challenges, so that you can focus on achieving your weight loss, fitness & nutrition goals
  • Use your voice to enter facts & figures

Free diet plans to help you lose weight, build & tone muscles, & enjoy a balanced diet. Tune into exercise programs & workout plans, daily yoga routines, & harness tools like fitness tracker, calorie counter, nutrition & protein calculator, & healthy recipes on this diet app.

These personalized features like weight loss diet/plan on this dietitian app enable you to accomplish your weight loss mission. Be it weight loss for men or weight loss for women, MevoLife is a complete solution.

What's New?

The latest MevoLife version is 2.2 that updated in 25 Juni 2016. A few healthy changes for better user experience as shown above :
  1. Auto Steps Tracking Introduced
  2. Bug Fixing for Pedometer/steps
  3. Option to Buy & Earn Credits
  4. Performance Enhancements

That's all we can share about a free android health app with healthy foods that you can used to help your healthy diet plan. Thanks for visiting!

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