24 Best VR Apps and Games for Android Phone 2016

Best VR Games and Apps for Android Smartphone - Now you can watching 3D video with 180-360 degree, read news, play the game from Google Cardboard, Xiaomi Mi VR using your smartphones. So you don't need spend your money for Virtual Reality handsets such as HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

The Google Cardboard is cheap solution to makes your mobile phone turn to virtual reality device. It's works with both Android and iOS. Please make sure your phone is packed with Gyroscope sensor to give better experience. You can read 330+ Smartphone With Gyroscope Sensor For VR Headset.

Here are top of the best apps and games to exploring virtual reality world on your smartphone as well as the best Google Cadboard you can try.

1. Best Virtual Reality Application for Android

Fulldive VR

Watch VR Movie using Cardboard on Phone

Fulldive enables for exploring and see the media's new generation. You can easily watching 3D Movies, 360 videos or photos, and browse over the internet with the different viewpoints or new angle like never before. Fulldive VR app works with any Virtual Reality viewer, such as Google Cardboard VR headset. Features:
  • YouTube : Stream all YouTube videos in VR
  • 3D YouTube : Stream 3D YouTube videos in VR
  • 360 YouTube : Stream 360 YouTube videos in VR
  • VR Video Player (2D/3D Player) : Play all videos on your phone like in a movie theater
  • VR Browser : Browse anything on the internet in VR
  • VR Camera : Take pictures and video in VR
  • VR Photo Gallery : Store and access your pictures and videos in VR
  • VR 360 Photo Gallery : Store and access your 360 photos
  • VR Market : Access all VR applications on your phone

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR app for Android

Cardboard is free vr apps and recommend you install when you first get your cardboard. It comes with guided tours of awesome places e.g the city, planet eart, see how beautiful aurora looks like and many more. Video player, photo viewer is ready to go. This apps doesn't have any particular point, but you will see the power of virtual reality.

VaR's VR Video Player

How to watch VR video on android

If your phone doesn't have the Gyroscope sensor, then go with this application. VaR's VR Video Player allows you to play any vr movie from your phone's storage without Gyroscope. We have tested the VaR's VR Video Player to play VR videos, and it's works properly. the control can easily be done directly from it's device.

AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS

Watch Virtual Reality Movies on Android

If you're looking for watching the any movies on Google Cardboard without Gyro sensor this one is good choices. Simply provide VR video, tap-tap and enjoy the VR sensation.


Read Virtual Reality News Cardboard

For those who like reading the news this might fit. The New York Times is experimenting with virtual reality as a news format. The news updated every day for you.

Jaunt VR

Watch Premium Cinema Virtual Reality

Jaunt VR app offers watch over 60 premium, cinematic virtual reality experiences with or without handset. And all videos are available for free. The new version has :
  1. New videos in the Paul McCartney Series
  2. New videos in the Camp4 Home Turf Adventure Series
  3. And others!

Cardboard Camera

Make VR Image on Android using Cardboard Camera

Just like the Google Cardboard, the Cardboard Camera is developed by Google. Cardboard Camera takes VR photos moments in time you can relive in virtual reality, hear the sounds as they happened, and look around to see the scene in every direction.

VR photos are 3D, so near things look near and far things look far. Whether its a vacation getaway or a family get-together, VR photos bring you back to that moment.


Orbulus VR Tour to Gorgeous Places

Looking for any places of most famous tourist hotspots? Orbulus VR is waiting for you. This is free app has many old favourite locations from the ability to stand on Mars, visiting the Salt Flats, New Year’s Fireworks on Hong Kong Harbour or chill looking at the Northern Lights.

Orbulus designed for and works with Google Cardboard using the latest Cardboard SDK and works really well with all other Smartphone VR Viewers. HOwever, it works well with DODOcase smartphone VR viewer, Durvios Dive, and Stooksy VR.


Free 360 Video for Virtual Reality

ARTE360 is part of the ARTE brand, a German-Franco TV broadcast station that promotes programming in the areas of culture and the arts.

It's free mobile app VR for interactive experiences in 360 degrees video and virtual reality. For total immersion the device can be switched into VR mode, and when inserted into a cardboard VR holder, your phone can be used as your own Virtual Reality headset.

Insidious VR

Horror Virtual Reality Apps

Insidious VR is, admittedly a promotion for the Insidious movies but the VR experience it provides is actually fairly intense and does well to show off the power of VR.

Refers from their Play Store page, the supported devices is Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6. The playback not guaranteed on other devices. Cannot download for Samsung Galaxy S4 or lower.


Horror VR Apps for Cardboard

Sister is a virtual reality app tells a ghost story. It designed specifically for mobile VR. Simple look-based controls that allows you navigating and play the stories. The look aroung 360 degrees in a spooky digitally-painted environment with head tracking makes you feel you're there.

Within – VR (Virtual Reality)

within Snorkling Under The Sea VR

Various forms and a curated collection of the best cinematic virtual reality, such as short films, videos, music, comedy and documentaries presented here. Type display can be viewed with or without Google Cardboard.

Sites in VR

Virtual Tours to Eifel France, Turkey, Egypt

Sites in VR will bring you to virtual tours of landmark from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia, Belgium and France.

Examine the marvels of Islamic architecture, visit mosques, tombs, palaces of sultans, museums, inns, baths, castles, towers, old houses, squares, parks, nature, religious sites, ancient cities, space and other places with more than a thousand 360 degree panoramic images in high quality.

Also Google Cardboard QR codes can be used to set a viewer. If there is no preset or a QR code, or you simply want to improve the perceived quality, you can use the unique VR settings option.

You can make corrections on the eye separation, vertical center, screen to lens distance, barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and field of view.

Ryot VR

VR Tour to Regions, Cultures and People

RYOT transports you with a growing library of 360 video. We take you around the globe to introduce you to new perspectives, regions, cultures and people, and every piece gives you a way to take action.

VU Cinema - VR 3D Video Player

An amazing Cinema VR App you should try. It allows you to watch the video as you go to theater or cinema. The virtual screne is presented in 3D with an easy control ways has provided. This is a VR cardboard app; it only works with Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset.

Magic VR Video Player

Best VR Apps for Playing 360 Video

Magic VR Video Player is light-weight virtual reality apps. It comes with clean UI, and supported to 180-360 degres VR video, 3D strereo and mono. An video extension i.e mp4, mkv, mov, flv, avi, rmvb and webm etc video files are welcome.


Watch 3D Virtual Reality Video on Youtube

Google has been very open about using YouTube as a hub for VR video content, including things like guided tour videos and just general VR stuff. If you have Google Coardboard, then you should also have YouTube because a lot of awesome stuff is coming.

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2. Best Virtual Reality Games for Android

TrinusVR Lite

You can play your favourite PC games in Android phone in virtual reality without expensive hardware. Basicly, it's connects your Android phone to your PC, so you can play your favourite PC games in virtual reality.

To give you a great VR gaming experience with a wallet friendly price tag, this apps use the sensors in your phone for head tracking.

It works with all PC game such as GTA, Elite Dangerous and Minecraft. Trinus is compatible with all headsets including Google Cardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VR One, GearVR, Durovis Dive.

InCell VR

VR Racing Game for Cardboard

InCell is an action/racing game with a bit of strategy and science thrown into the mix in a rare and highly unusual micro world of the carefully recreated human cell. The game is focused on Virtual Reality but you can play just fine without a set.

To switch VR mode off - just tap & hold the screen or use Cardboard's trigger to open main menu. A unique experimental project made by Nival to test the opportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided by Google Cardboard.

End Space VR

Space VR Game for Android Cardboard

End Space VR is built specifically for Google Cardboard and requires your phone is compatible with the Cardboard app. Featuring triple AAA graphics and the use of 3D positional audio, End Space VR delivers the most immersive and compelling VR experience available on Cardboard.


Best Game for Cardboard 2016

Caaaaardboard! is a VR game that works perfectly with Google Cardobard. It developed specifically for VR headsets. The game effers you fun, immersive experience that has you diving off of buildings while performing stunts.

BombSquad VR

Best Virtual Reality Games

BombSquad is VR Cardboard game, arcade game with platformer elements where you must capture flags and avoid all kinds of bombs. You play with up to eight players and you must complete each level competitively. PLease note, the game is need a second device running as a controller or a separate, third party controller.

Space X Hunter VR

VR Action and Arcade game in 3D

Space X Hunter VR is an independent space Action/Arcade game in 3D, free and without advertising, for google Cardboards and Virtual Reality Glasses.

This VR game also works with phones with no gyroscope and all glasses. You can remove the magnet if you have problems while playing


Best vr Game For Kids

WAA! is a VR game where you play as a little astronaut as you go on adventures. The game mechanics use focus as controls so you just look at something in order to select it.

Featured with full 360-degree view and the idea is that you must defend the astronaut from incoming asteroids. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to play, and fun to do. It’s also good for kids.

VR Tank

War VR Games for Virtual Reality Devices

Digital World Studio brings a real VR Tank Training for the very first time right on your smartphone. The mission is to drive and destroy as manu targets as possible while driving your army tank.

VR Space Ship Survival

VR Space Ship Survival is the next virtual reality game for Android phone. The mission of this game is to survive it as long as possible to get to the next level, a rock labyrinth on a distant planet. You must eliminate many cyber spiders as possible to get points. Please note, to play this game, you need a controller and a head-mount for phones.

What do you think about the list of best cardboard vr apps and games you can try on your android phone? What is your favorites? Let me know by the comment. Thanks for visiting bartolab.com!
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