The Best Android Smartphone For Playing Pokemon Go

The Best Phone For Enjoying Pokémon Go - The majority of smartphone users- both Android and iOS is huting for Pokemon. But, you may wonder what is the ideal device for play Pokemon Go? Here we are we will tell you!

Pokémon Go is a total cultural phenomenon. This app launched in New Zealand and Australia, and followed by the United States. And yesterday, precisely in July 16, 26 new Europe Countries can now download Pokemon Go from Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, having a phone that can actually run the game isn't a universal privilege. But you should note this, the older your phone is the less likely it is to have the hardware and software capable of running the game.

What is Best Phone For Playing Pokémon Go?

Best mobile phone for play Pokemon Go

Actually, the game that offers by Nintento is lightweight. The graphics used is fairly ordinary. But, in order to play Pokemon Go comfortably, there are conditions you should be fulfilled.

On the hardware side, it would be better if Pokemon Go runs on phones equipped with Quad Core processors or higher. As for the ideal amount of RAM that is 2 GB ( higher the better ).

Both of these components is sufficient to be able to play Pokemon Go smoothly enough. However, other mobile phone components are equally important, such as a battery, GPS, up to the screen. And it will draining your phone battery for sure. If you are S6's user you can read How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life Issue.

Pokemon Go is a GPS-based game. These components will follow wherever the gamer moves. And most of we know, GPS is one of the heaviest drains on the battery.

It would be better if the GPS embedded in the phone supports Glonass. This support enables GPS lock faster and more accurate. The problem if your device isn't supported. Mostly, the Glonas can only be found in a sort of high-end phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7.

As one of best Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has some useful features you can try to improve your gaming experience. Playing Pokemon Go in Galaxy S7 should also be fun with Super Amoled screen that lifted. It makes colors in the game Pokemon Go more alive. You can and still be free to play Pokemon Go even in sunlight.

Quick Charging technology will very helpful. If the battery getting low, it just need a few minutes to make the battery fully charged. So a high capacity battery will be giving you pleasure. But, even with a battery efficient phone, we would still suggest bringing a battery pack with you.

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List of Android Smartphone with Glonass

  1. Acer Liquid S2
  2. Asus PadFone Infinity
  3. Asus Fonepad 7
  4. HTC Butterfly
  5. HTC Desire 600
  6. HTC Droid DNA
  7. HTC Evo 3D
  8. HTC First
  9. HTC One
  10. HTC One Mini
  11. HTC One Mini 2
  12. HTC One S
  13. HTC One SV
  14. HTC One X+
  15. HTC One V
  16. HTC Windows Phone 8S
  17. HTC Windows Phone 8X
  18. LG Nexus
  19. LG Optimus G
  20. LG G2
  21. LG G2 mini
  22. LG Optimus G Pro
  23. LG Optimus Sol
  24. LG Venice
  25. LG Optimus L9
  26. LG Optimus L9II
  27. LG G3
  28. LG Volt
  29. Motorola Atrix HD
  30. Motorola Moto E
  31. Motorola MOTO G
  32. Motorola MOTO X
  33. Motorola RAZR HD
  34. Motorola RAZR M
  35. Motorola RAZR MAXX
  36. Motorola DROID 4
  37. Motorola RAZR
  38. Motorola DROID RAZR
  39. One Plus One
  40. Samsung Galaxy Grand /2
  41. Samsung Galaxy Mega
  42. SamsungGalaxy Music
  43. Samsung Galaxy Note /2/3
  44. Samsung Galaxy Pocket / Neo
  45. Samsung Galaxy Fame
  46. Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5/6/7
  47. Sony Ericsson Xperia

If you can't get Pokemon Go in your country yet, you can read our previous post Pokemon Go APK supports Intel Android Smartphone APK.

We think that is all we can write about recommended android phone to play Pokemon Go you can try. Hope it help you. Thanks for visiting!
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