Keep Your Personal Information Secure With Super AppLock

How to lock android app to keep the data private - Super AppLock is a free android application that helps users to protect apps from little ones, keep secret files and applications safe and make it difficult for others to get access to your private contents.

Still, it does this by allowing users to create different profiles with different apps and locking said apps behind Password &Pattern, which aims to protect your personal information as well as your family members or even strangers messing around with your phone privacy.

Keep Your Personal Information Secure With Super AppLock

They offers up 22 different foreign languages. Super AppLock is simple, yet effective approach to securing your phone privacy!

Simple & Easy to Operate

When you first get Super AppLock going, you will be asked to choose either Password or Pattern. These are similar to those that many might use to unlock your phone, but choosing a different one would be a safer way, definitely! You can switch PIN to Pattern in Setting

One Tap to Lock / Unlock Apps

Once you have everything set up, you can take a look at all the extra features in the slide-put menu from left side.

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Some of the captivating and interesting features are Photo Vault, Video Vault, and Files, therefore you can use Super AppLock to keep contained contents such as system apps:gallery, media, contact, call, SMS, Settings, camera, note, files,etc.

Also with installed apps: Facebook, Line, Gmail, Play Store, Messenger, Instagram, Youtube, Skype, Games, Browser, etc.

Advanced Fake Cover

More than that however, users can choose a disguised screen for Super AppLock:Force Close or Finger printer message.

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You can choose different icons to replace Super AppLock icon which means nobody will take this app seriously and give your phone privacy advanced protection!

Stunning & Numerous Themes

Super AppLock offers glamorous themes. If you want decorate your Password or Pattern with different screen, why do not try changing the theme.

What do you think of this tips to improve privacy protection on your Android phone? Let me know with your comments. Thanks for visiting!

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