8 Best Parental Control Apps for Android Phone and Tablet

List of best parental control app for android phone - If you have a plan to giving your kids an android phone or tablet and orried that your kids might be exposed to m*ture content online through cell phones and tablets? You're in the right track!

Parental control tools are now available specifically for mobile devices. It's a good idea to stay in control what and how your child use the device that you will give such as what content they accessing, installing apps and running up a heavy bill in app and game purchases.

How to keep children safe online

Anytime our children may also be at risk from internet ad*lt contents. So the parental control is good choice to protect them.

How to Keep Children Safe Online?

For so many reason, we have pooled together 8 of best parental control apps for Android that you can use to filter adult content, restrict app purchases, set limits on usage time, and even monitor calls, texts and web activity.

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SecureTeen Parental Control

SecureTeen Parental Control App helps filter out all the cheesy and harmful content so your teens of impressionable age can enjoy all the good that the internet has to offer.

best free parental control app for android

This all encompassing tool allows parents to control apps that their teens download, stay aware of their location and remotely monitor their devices.

The list below is the main features you can enjoy by using SecureTeen Parental Control:
  1. Set a schedule of your child's phone or tablet usage.
  2. Keep a check on your child’s online presence 24/7 with SecureTeen’s help.
  3. Use the bulk of built-in categories offered by SecureTeen to block all inappropriate content from your teens' internet experience.
  4. Don’t like an app they are using? Use SecureTeen to shut it down. Even if it’s installed on the phone, it won’t work.
  5. Use Web History Logs to stay informed when it comes to your child’s online activity.
  6. Use SecureTeen to track their location and where they go, so you can make sure their well-being isn't compromised.
  7. Monitor all SMS/MMS sent and received from child device
  8. Monitor all Call details
  9. All contacts stored on the phone/tablet are uploaded to your account and then matched with phone numbers of text messages and calls
  10. Track all Facebook activity and get alerts for suspicious friends & posts with SecureTeen
  11. Monitor all Instagram activity remotely from your web based dashboard
  12. And the best part: SecureTeen lets you do it all remotely through an online control panel created especially for you so you can control your child’s safety.

Another free service, SecureTeen comes in two stages: a mobile appp for Android, and a secure web console. You can see an activity taking place on the phone can be monitored at Control Panel SecureTeen.

Install SecureTeen Parental Control

Kids Place - Parental Control

The second choice is Kids Place – Parental Control. It's an app with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved.

android tablet parental control app free

It has also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money.

Main Features:
  1. Custom home screen displays only apps that parents have authorized
  2. Can prevent children from buying or downloading new apps
  3. Timer feature to lock Kids Place after specified amount of time.
  4. Support Multiple User Profiles.
  5. Capable of blocking incoming calls when Kids Place is running
  6. Capable of disabling all wireless signals while Kids Place is running
  7. Can restarts apps accidentally stopped by small children, allowing parents to stay focused on their own tasks.
  8. Add custom wallpaper to customize your child’s experience while in Kids Place
  9. Appropriate for children of all ages - babies, toddlers, even teenagers
  10. Plugins - Kids Place provides additional parental controls for Website content filtering; Videos and Pictures via plugin based design. Please go to setting > plugins to access these features. 
  11. Kids Place can block incoming calls and wireless signals, and it provides website and media filtering via an optional plugin. There's a interesting things, profiles for different users can also be set up.

Install Kids Place - Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time is a parental control app that lets you manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smart phones.

parental control apps for android phones

Screen Time has an app timer that lets you :
  1. Set a daily time limit on the apps you want to restrict.
  2. Block games at bedtime, but allow reading apps.
  3. Block social apps and games, but allow educational apps during school hours
  4. And many more

While free, you’ll need the monthly subscription option ($30 annually) to get the most out of this app, which also offers a daily summary to parents.

Install Screen Time Parental Control

Kids Zone Parental Control

Kids Zone enables you to create a profile for your children and add suitable apps to it. When Kids Zone installed, it will ensures the children use only the child-friendly apps that you choose and make in app purchases,  accesing notifications, system menus, all device settings and personal data

free parental control software for android

There's free and pro version. If you upgrade to the Pro version this application gives you the ability to create profiles for each child and a quick unlock feature for parents to use to answer incoming calls.

It will relock the device automatically if it's rebooted, block children from making phone calls or texts, prevent access to the Internet and block ad clicks.

Install Kids Zone Parental Control

Parental Control

Kids Launcher with Parental Control is a shell which prevents access to undesirable content, lets you set up time limits on using the app, tracks your child’s location, and much more.

android teenager parental control

The application is designed in a simple child-friendly way. Below are the features of :
  1. Lets a child launch only the permited applications.
  2. The access to buying options and launching of Google Play applications can be blocked.
  3. The option of incoming/outcoming sms and calls can be blocked.
  4. Prevent the device settings being changed.
  5. Pin-code access to parental control settings and exit from the kids mode.

Install Kids Launcher Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control

We all know that Norton is already an established brand in the Anti-Virus market. This application is good choice to track your kids’ online activities.

parental control app reviews

It might helps teach our kids safe habits for Web exploration and helps you stay in the know about where your kids are. On the parent portal, you’ll see activity-tracking reports designed to give you insight into how and where your kids spend their time online.
So you can see what their interests are and help keep them safe.

You can easily :
  1. Track which web pages your kids visited or tried to visit.
  2. Lets you set up rules for the kinds of websites your kids can visit on their devices.
  3. Allows you to monitor the YouTube videos your kids are watching.
  4. Keeps you in the loop about where your kids are by letting you map the location of their device.
An e-mail service will notify you whenever your kid tries to visit a web page which your children should not visit.

Install Norton Family Parental Control

Funamo Parental Control

This app developed by Funamo, Inc. It provides comprehensive parental control solution for your kids' Android phones and tablets with web filtering, device monitoring and application control.

best android parental control app

They offers 2–day free trial and if it meets your expectation, you can purchase a license for $19.99 which protects your device for as long as you own it. There is no subscription, no monthly fees.
Please note that Funamo license is per device, meaning you need to purchase separate license for each devices you own.
Funamo basic features :
  1. Internet filtering
  2. Device monitoring
  3. Application control
  4. Cloud-based solution
Install Funamo Parental Control

MamaBear Family Safety

MamaBear is your all-in-one family safety app developer by geoWaggle, LLC with sweet and nice user interface. They providing parents information to worry less and encourage larger boundaries for kids to explore more.

MamaBear Family Safety

This app is especially great for kids that are first time smartphone users and new to social activity. The app allows kids to :
  1. Keep parents updated without a text or call and check in with emoticons.
  2. Send your parents a "Come Get Me" or "Emergency" notification.
  3. Customize your view of MamaBear with wallpaper selections.
And allow the parents to :
  1. View the most important news feed of your day with in-line previews of Instagram photos and details about twitter and Instagram followers.
  2. Set up notifications to receive filtered, need-to-know content like new friends, words on your customized words list, uploaded photos and tags.
  3. Know your child’s current and recent location at the tap of the app.
  4. Set up arrival and departure notifications for Safe Places like school, home and practice.
  5. Know when they exceed a customized driving speed. 
How to use this parental control app? You just need to follow the 3 steps :
  1. A parent installs MamaBear on their smartphone and registers their family account.
  2. Kids install and log in to MamaBear for location monitoring.
  3. Parents log in to their child's social media accounts in MamaBear settings and customize other desired notifications. 

Install MamaBear Family Safety

What do you think of this parental application for android smartphone and tablet to protect the children? Let me know with your comments. Thanks for visiting bartolab.com!
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