15 Useful Samsung Galaxy S7 Features You Should Know

New Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and Tips - Once a year, Samsung released the new flagship smartphone. In this year, the seventh generation of Galaxy S was released.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a tough task because it was born in the midst of intense competition. But it seems Samsung is still superior as one of the companies who produce a premium smartphone. You may agree, Galaxy S7 are packed with so many useful features.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

So, I wanna share with you the most useful features that embedded in this device as one of best smartphones on the market in 2016.

1. Always On

Although the handset is in an inactive state, there is some important information that can be displayed on the screen such as a clock, calendar or notification. You only need to access the settings menu to activate and set. This is very useful, especially if you just want to see the clock.

2. Easy Screen Turn On

We can easily wake the Galaxy S7 screen by waving our hand with Toggle Easy Screen Turn On. This will extend the life of the physical buttons.

3. Multiple Lock Screen Wallpapers

There’s no need to have to go and change your wallpaper every time to want to change up your lock screen. You can set multiple images as your wallpaper and your phone will cycle through them every time you wake your screen.

4. Temporary Dock

The temporary dock will make easier to move application. It could be a bit more difficult to move an application shortcut from one screen to another if you have to move the individual application at a time.

This Samsung Galaxy S7 concept feature is dragging your apps to the top of the screen and they will be placed into a temporary dock then slide to which home screen you want, and tap and hold them back down.

5. Display Scaling

Display Scaling is a feature that makes condense the DPI on this phone to fit more information on the display. All this app does is bring up the menu that you can also access by making any shortcut.

6. Notification Reminders

This feature is very useful to you as a reminder. On the accessibility, you can activate reminder notification for a particular application.

In a nutshell, this will help the user using the notification to show up again when we've dismissed them.

7. Galaxy S7 Assistant Menu

You can get quick access to some useful features such as notification menu and screenshots. with this capability, we will be greatly helped when we will take some screenshots in Galaxy S7.

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8. Custom Events

Trigger custom events by setting the phone to notice specific actions. There are a lot of customization options you can choose.

9. Auto Reboot Device

The user can perform scheduling when the phone to reboot. What did it use for? This will keep the device running fresh. You can set the custom times that you would like to automatically reboot.

10. Game Launcher

There are exciting new applications in S7 named Game Launcher that specifically for mobile gamers. This application will appear when the user downloaded the first game. There will be an option to activate it or not.

When activated, it will appear a feature that helps Gamer. So when playing the game, there will be a small button located at the bottom of the screen that give some option such as no alerts during games.

There are also functions minimize the game. It make the game shrink into a circle, and you can access other menus, e.g when you receive an important message. If you want to play again, just press the circle, then the game screen will be filled as before.

11. Record Game Play

When you are playing a game on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you will notice a floating button with a screenshot and video options. How to turn on this feature? Go to Settings -> Advanced features -> Games -> Game Tools. This feature is definitely handy for Gamer that like to share their video gaming experience.

12. Dual Pixel Camera

Most of the smartphone's camera has lots of noise when you pick the photo in low light condition. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 brings dual pixel. It works like the human eye.

The left and the right eye work together to get focus quickly and accurately. This technology makes this phone camera works perfectly in bright light conditions, and especially in low light.

13. Motion Photos

Motion photos are a new feature in the Galaxy S7's camera. You will see the motion when you tap the motion photos icon in Gallery.

14. Sound Detectors

Once you activate this feature, your phone will be listening for specific sounds and you’ll be notified once it hears one.

15. Store Specific App Files

We can easily push the apps files to the SD Card to reduce internal memory usage.

What do you think of about all the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Features to improve best experience? Let me know with your comments. And the last words, thanks for visiting bartolab.com!
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