How to Install Android Nougat LineageOS on Asus Zenfone 5

Step by step to do to install LineageOS on Zenfone 5 - As you may already know, Cyanogen is dead! All Cyanogen services including the nightly builds for all supported devices, will no longer be supported. Thankfully, the CyanogenMod team decided to not crush the dreams of thousands of CM users and transitioned CM into Lineage OS.

4 Sony Xperia XZ Stock Wallpapers Full HD in One Pack Zip

Sony Xperia XZ Original Wallpapers - The Xperia Z line is now dead. Every Sony phone will now be part of the Xperia X line. Sony Xperia XZ smartphone was released in September 2016. It comes with 5.20 inch and 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels touchscreen display.

How to Disable Fast Charging in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Turn Off Fast Charging Samsung Phone - When it comes to Android power management, fast charging technology is must-have feature. The Galaxy S6 / S6 edge, S7 and S7 Edge device has a built-in fast charging feature. However, perhaps you want to disable the fast charging feature in Samsung Galaxy, so here we are to guide you.

Here Are Google Pixel Phone Pros And Cons Should Know Before Buy

Google Pixel Review - Say good bye to Nexus and say hello to the Google Pixel, a handset that brings nice design (although the back is terrible), powerful performance, awesome hardware, good all day battery life, and claimed as Android with best camera in the market so far. Of course, this phone is the first Google Assistant built in.